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Family-owned and operated through three generations since its founding in 1943, Allied Concrete Products – and thus Eagle Bay – are American companies headquartered in Virginia. Local decisions, local employer, local consumer, local taxpayer. American.

Engineering, design, consultation. Eagle Bay will assist you in securing the professional support you need. And when it comes time to do the installation, we can recommend contractors who have been trained and certified to do the job right.

With the addition of a new multi-million-dollar production facility in late 2006 and the introduction of concrete unit pavers to our product portfolio, Eagle Bay today offers a fully integrated line of site products:
• Anchor® Retaining Wall Systems
• SF Rima™ permeable paving system products
• Eagle Bay™ concrete unit pavers
• Armortec™ erosion control products

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Eagle Bay Hardscape Products
Allied Concrete Products
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