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Information about Anchor Wall Systems, licensor for retaining wall block

In 1989 Anchor Wall Systems was established as one of the leading developers and licensors of concrete wall systems. Anchor Wall Systems now works with more than 50 manufacturer licensees in 21 countries to create retaining and free-standing wall systems made with natural materials. Anchor Wall Systems holds 72 U.S. patents and others pending, along with numerous international patents.

Anchor Wall Systems develops attractive, durable, easy-to install retaining and free-standing wall systems. They license their designs, which are backed by extensive research, testing and marketing support, to manufacturers who then market to contractors and homeowners through local landscaping supply dealers and big-box retailers. The end result is anything that can be imagined — innovative, lasting landscapes and environmentally sound walls that complement any outdoor environment.

With a wide array of styles, shapes and textures made from natural materials, Anchor Wall Systems lets consumers and contractors design and build something beautiful.

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Contact Information

Anchor Wall Systems
5959 Baker Road, Suite 390
Minnetonka, MN 55345-5996

Main: (952) 933-8855
Toll Free Customer Service: (877) 295-5415

Their Line of Products:

Border Stone
Chisel Wall
Diamond Stone Cut
Diamond Pro
Diamond Pro Stone Cut
Hampton Stone Cut
Highland Stone
Hudson Stone
Natural Impressions
Oxford Stone
Vertica Pro
Vertica Stone Cut
Windsor Stone

Greater Richmond Virginia area Licensee:
Eagle Bay Hardscape Products

Anchor Wall Systems

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